In September of 2015, Chasi and Shmuli Rothstein arrived in Pittsburgh with the goal of strengthening the Jewish Community at the University of Pittsburgh. They started off with 5 or 6 students joining them around the dining table in their small 900 square-foot apartment. Slowly but surely more people joined Chabad events, and the Rothsteins moved to a large house on campus which by 2019 was filled to the brim with students—the hallways, basement, and dining room had no room left to move. Each new student who joins is more than welcome.

Rabbi Shmuli Rothstein grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and attended yeshiva in Monsey, NY, and spent a year learning in London, Israel. He finished his undergrad schooling in Brooklyn, followed by living in Monsey for another three years before moving to Pittsburgh.

Chasi Rothstein was born in Pittsburgh, and actually grew up in the Chabad of Pittsburgh. This is her second nature. She went to Yeshiva Schools here in Pittsburgh followed by seminary in Israel, and eventually made it back to her hometown.

Now, with a growing family and bustling life of organizing events and hosting students, Chasi and Shmuli Rothstein have successfully built a strong Jewish community at Pitt.